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Hearing - Keep Communication Open

Can you hear me?

However you choose to rank your hearing among your five senses - once you start to lose it, you start to lose the ability to communicate effectively. Your relationships become harder to maintain, you start to lose just a little bit of the definition that allows you and those around you to work effectively together. When this happens, you and those around you have to make adjustments, to find new ways of communicating. New ways of communicating are not a bad thing - but when this is driven by a preventable cause, you have to ask - were reasonable measures taken to protect your hearing? Did YOU do the things you should have? Did your employer take reasonable steps to prevent hearing damage?

A common complaint among foremen, site managers and project managers relates to communication. Very often we hear the complaint that "They [general operatives] don't listen". This may be true - but are they not listening? - or do they simply not hear?

While occupational deafness has been falling again in the last couple of years, there are still at least 11'000 workers with work related hearing problems according to HSE. We would argue that it could be proportionally higher than this in construction, based on our experience on site.

Now Hear This!

Positive Frontiers is committed to working with SME's across the construction and industrial sectors to bring ongoing improvement to hearing protection through engagement, education, action and technology. The following list includes some of the ways you can engage with us to help ensure your workforce has the best education and the best solutions to hearing protection.

  • Educational Seminars Online
  • Hearing Protection Workshops on site
  • Equipment Noise Reduction Engineering
  • Noise reduction and acoustic barrier procurement
  • British Sign Language - classes and training
  • Noise monitoring and monitoring equipment

Our experienced and profesional occupational audiology team can help you to deliver the message and the tools to staff. Working with Frontiers will help prevent occupatonal hearing loss and in doing so, it will help to improve the expectations for hearing protection standards.

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