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Conflict Happens - Lets sort it

Got an urgent problem?

We can normally find a senior experienced associate to help you within a few hours. If your matter is urgent please call the main number above and let our receptionist know that you would like a call-back from someone about "dispute resolution". We will normally call you back within a few hours depending what time of day you call.

Our senior Quantity Surveyors and Commercial Managers have decades of experience resolving conflicts in construction and other sectors. By working with available information our associates can quickly get to the main issues and advise possible routes to resolve conflicts.

Very often the most important part of dispute resolution is to identify the immediate project risks in the context of cost and programme. Commonly end clients are forgotten or neglected in the course of disputes and this can compound the problem. Positive Frontiers can identify common ground and turn that into something stable to build relationships and move forward.

While conflict can bring a project to a stand-still, there are sometimes easily over-looked short term solutions that can help mitigate costs and over-runs. With an objective and experienced approach our senior team will help to put weight behind the facts, clarity around the terms and most importantly - open the door to opportunities that could allow progress.

Stepping away from the conflict will normally reduce any emotions that could be running high, this alone can help to move things forward. A second pair of eyes on the situation and the removal of emotional connections will greatly assist the competence with which you and your team can deal with the situation - our associates are here to provide that separation and objectivity.

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