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LolerDAO - Trust in Compliance

For almost an entire working generation, the regulation of lifting operations and lifting equipment (LOLER 1998 Regs) have aimed to keep people safe at work. However; there is a problem with the system, it's evident to anyone who passes even a cursory glance in it's direction.... compliance is not transparent and many flout the rules with seeming impunity. LolerDAO aims to right this and to make the administration of Loler registers both ubiquitous and transparent, while at the same time opening up new opportunities for the GiG economy, employers and health and safety professionals.

To facilitate this Positive Frontiers looked to Blockchain technology. In particular to Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs. These simple pieces of code, are each unique. As each one is created it is fixed into a permanent public register that cannot be falsely manipulated and cannot be deleted. Each NFT captures the 'life story' of a piece of lifting equipment, keeping track of it's creation, periodic inspections and eventual destruction.

As we develop this solution we are keen to hear from the whole lifting community and we will be producing a forum for the ongoing discussion of this product. The forum will replace this page of our website sometime in the next year.

So whats the DAO bit?

Tonks & Associates, the company behind Positive Frontiers - is committed to producing equitable products and services that fairly serve the communities we work with. To that end, this was a fantastic opportunity to utilise one of the other great innovations that Blockchain has enabled - the Decentralised Autonomous Organisation - or - DAO.

Such an organisation is governed by it's community. The biggest stakeholders are likely to be those most concerned with the proper operation of the system, and 'bad actors' area easily weeded out by the voting systems. The very public nature of the blockchain means that external interrogation and auditing is easy, while programatic errors need to be captured properly in the development process - once written to the blockchain, they are incorruptible without the consensus of the community. This level of trust has been unparalleled in conventional systems - leading to distrust, fraud, rule breaking - and in some cases injury and even death.

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It is no longer necessary to accept the status quo and to keep working with systems that put people at risk. LolerDAO has the potential to seriously change the stakes in lifting operations and to give everyone in the lifting community much greater confidence and safety in their daily work.

For anyone interested in participating we recommend researching about blockchains, Ethereum and DAOs elsewhere, and satisfying yourself that you understand it sufficently first. Participation at this early stage is contingent on a sufficient understanding of the mechanisms behind blockchains, including things like password and passphrase management, wallets, fees and transparency.

As the project progresses the facilities of the various blockchains, smart contracts and other software converge to provide a reliable and seamless set of functions for apps, websites and all sorts of other software - that combined, provide end user utility - without the learning curve - but with reliability, transparency, economy and most of all trust.

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