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Positive Frontiers: PushGeo

We are on a mission to help you know where your stuff is.

Keeping track of your equipment and other mobile assets is a key challenge for many businesses. And while solutions do exist, they may be expensive or overly complicated.

By keeping PushGeo profile updated with new assets, and ensuring that all your assets carry a PushGeo tag, you can start keeping track of them cost effectively.

You will not need special equipment or training - just add each new asset into the system and place a tag on it. Then operatives or third parties can keep the system informed of the assets location as they go about their duties.

How PushGeo works

When you subscribe to PushGeo we immediately set to work on obtaining and clarifying your asset data for import to our database. We take your existing data and work with you to develop and populate your profile.

Once the bulk of your assets are imported, your profile is handed over to you to be updated by you at your own discretion.

PushGeo Benefits

The main benefit of PushGeo is less stress and more time for you and your staff. We want your staff to be focused on the tasks that best suit their skills and where they offer the best return on your investment. But of course, there are more benefits than this:

  • Efficient allocation of resources: Knowing where assets are, makes it possible to position them for the greatest benefit.
  • Improved availability: Understanging where your assets are, can identify useage patterns, which in turn can make them available for use more quickly.
  • Faster turnaround: The system helps to identify how long assets spend at a location, this helps to identify how long they need to be present and how soon they could be moved.
  • Reduced downtime: Without tracking where assets have been and for how long, it is impossible to schedule maintenance appropriately. PushGeo helps to keep track of asset useage and possible maintainance interval requirements.

We are presently offering an entry level subscription for PushGeo. This includes upto 5000 assets at any one time. It does not include tags, so you will need to procure these separately. We offer a robust tag below that is suitable for most circumstances. In the first instance we suggest ordering a sample number of 10 - 20 labels and testing how they work in the enviroments typical for your assets.


  1. £576 p/a (Plus VAT).
  2. Upto 5000 assets.
  3. Assisted data import.
  4. 48 hr reponse time.


  1. £2500 p/a (Plus VAT).
  2. Upto 20'000 assets.
  3. App integration.
  4. Monthly data maintenance cycle.
  5. 48 hr reponse time.


  1. Billed Monthly (bespoke contract).
  2. Unlimited assets.
  3. App integration.
  4. Scanner reward scheme.
  5. Integrated carbon offsets.
  6. 24 hr reponse time.

Get more labels.

To obtain labels you need to do a few things. Our basic labels are charged at £3-00 each and have a minimum run qauntity of 100. However; you can find your own label supplier or print your own labels. You can ask our team for help on this.

  • Download (Export) your assets as a csv file
  • Open in an excel file and remove any that do not require a label
  • Send the list to our admin email address for printing.

Know where your stuff is.

Streamline your tracking system today

If you would like to read more, here are some links to our terms and conditions and other documentation. Terms and Conditions

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